Oh great...

By UnkleBus

Just when things were going fine and dandy, my neck goes about its own and now hurts. I don’t know whether its been too much sleep in the office, or my uncomfortable pillows at home but it hurts. I CAN'T DO MY HEAD BOPPING ACTION TONIGHT AT GHETTO! Like WTF! How to look hou coooooll ah..? TEeeMmm KAIII??!? The worse part is that I cant put a finger on it. Litefuckingrally. I just can't seem to find the exact spot where its hurting. Can't really turn to the left or right and its also been disturbing my sleep… I need to get a scan done because its most probably NOT a muscle ache but I hope its nothing serious like a cyst or worse, cancer.

It's been a boring day today. The weather, end of year holiday mood hasn’t helped productivity in the office. Everyone seems to be busy doing nothing including me. Tried sleeping again just now but the nect just wouldn't let me. I sit trying any possible means of killing time but it doesn’t seem to work. Anyway I think its time for a smoke or two.

More updates later ..