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By UnkleBus
Last Friday’s Digweed gig ended with a bang. a bunch of us went for the event at Zouk but shortly after the no. 6 DJ in the world started playing it got too crowded even to stand. We tried everything from forming a human chain to cordon off an area near the birdcage for the girls to dance to moving to the VIP area but still it was no fun... who can dance of carpet anyway? So at roughly 1:30am we went outside to meet for some much needed fresh air. I turned to my good pharmacist and asked, shall we session? And they say the rest is history. Took us 5 mins to get up and get to the car. Ms Pharmacist went with the good doctor and Aunty Bubbly with Unkle BUS :)

When we arrived at the infamous BUS, I had to first install my speakers and sub because it had been sitting in the car since my birthday (laziness and procrastination go hand in hand) and Dr. Doctor went to get some supplies. We were all chatting and talking nonsense while listening to Ferry Corsten - creamfields CD1 and Passport Netherlands. After a while the air felt fresher and my body relaxed somewhat coz the sweets kicked in. My hands tingled and feet shivered but the feeling was good. Soon afterwards LT, TC, EL, SB and Bubbly’s colleague joined us.

We all had what we wanted. It was everything from naturals to synthetics, I had my salad, KFC and vitamins (not in any particular order) and by around 4ish everyone I looked at had floating surreal ghostly glasses. A friend even had a wire-mesh 3D head around his face if I looked. Blink once and concentrate hard it would go away for 5 seconds. I could also see lines of text in dark red scrolling across people’s faces... that was the shit. It was a fantastic trip. I started talking bullshit but having realized what I said didn’t make sense was sober enough to tell everyone to ignore me. It felt like my birthday part 2 except I remember more, just.

This went on till 7am sat when everyone started to get up and leave. I was still trippin’ as I’m sure the rest were too. But one by one they started leaving. Too stoned to send bubbly home a TC offered to send her back. Ms. Pharmacist and Dr. Doctor stayed on for a while more but I couldn’t take it and went to bed. My whole body sank into the mattress and pillows, it was cold but the sheets were warm. Snaking into dreamland there I lay till 4pm little did I realize that ms pharmacist and Dr. Doctor had left a little earlier.

All in all it was a great session but it only happened with the good company. Here’s to many many more ;)