The calm before the storm

By UnkleBus
Oh the agonizing wait. I hate this feeling. Many have said that anticipation is better than the realization but today I find it painful. Its gonna be 2 more days before I get to go out partying again and it isn’t because I can’t, but there’s no where to go. Well there is Mambo Jambo tomorrow and this cute chick Jackie is always there, but I’ve never been really able to jive to retro tunes (Sorry Leonard, I still think you spin good shit)… and Jackie always has “lalats” around her…(not that it ever stopped me…hehe).

The wait is killing me and to make matters worse some friends are out of the country. I on the other hand do not want to expect too much of this Friday for fears of being let down by Ferry’s set. Above all I totally forgot that my co. division is having its Annual cum “el-cheapo if you want beer, pay for it yourself” dinner. Schmucks! That’s the problem when your sub-division is under finance. They’re always thinking about money. For an MNC the people here are stingy basterds and it’s a far cry from the previous co. I was working at. Hopefully I get to bail early, get back home just in time to freshen up and into the standard black shirt, cap and blue jeans and make it down to Zouk.

Speaking to a friend the other day, it crossed my mind how only till certain “special” events that happen in your life open up your eyes. Not so much the eyes on your head but our inner eye; the mind. Much like what happened recently in my life that opened my eyes to whole new possibilities and in hindsight all I can do is smack my head and curse “why the hell didn’t I do this earlier!?” Having been on both sides (I was terribly against, anti, etc.) here are some things that I never thought possible: -

    1. Having friends become best friends
    2. Making new like-minded friends
    3. Sharing experiences, trips and the like (yes I LIKE)
    4. Seeing friends have a damn good time (and I mean a DAMN GOOD TIME)
    5. Making sense of what happened in the past and knowing the REAL cause *LOL* (ya you know who I'm talking abt! heh)

It has opened up a world of possibilities. Looking at it historically, civilization has always found some way to get to that special place. The ancient Babylonians, early Egyptians, the not so distance Chinese till modern day ravers, its just natural progression. I for one think that this trend will never stop; it will just be in varying forms. So while I sit back and redefine time to what should be B.D. and A.D. (as opposed to B.C. and A.D. heh…) let the music play on…