of all the bullshit in the world...

By UnkleBus
what the hell is wrong with you? you fucking trying to turn friend against friend in hopes they will pick your side but its not working. These friends have been talking about you and know what shit is going on. Its gotten bad for you hasn't it? is that why you have to call a "Friend" of yours to back you up (mind you that this friend knows nothing about the current situation because you haven't been in cantact with her for years?*); because NO ONE ELSE HERE HAS YOUR BACK??

*yup, all you need is a fucking ignorant outsider to come and back you up. You are so unfair to drag her into it because she lacks knowledge of the situation.

It's just so fucking sad, firstly that you think you are "All That" and so fucking prissy. Who the fuck gives a shit? and why can't you just mind your own business? hey don't notice all the hostility you face around you? OPEN YOUR FUCKIN' EYES

enough is enough i'm tired of sitting on the wall trying to make this go away. i'm taking sides and its not YOURS so fuck dis' shit, you ain't worth it.