ughh... please!

By UnkleBus
It’s strange at times how people can react to a certain situation given the right number of inputs. Their reaction almost condescending in trying to reason with you what seems to them the right choice. Being put in such a situation, one (well basically me…) can not help but wonder who or what gave them the idea to think that that they are all knowing and all knowledgeable to (so called) give you advice.

On such input would be alcohol. Since a few months back I began to realize how overrated alcohol really is. Think about it. It normally brings out the worst in us. Having had too much we are most certain or not guaranteed to take a dive to the hard ground below. If not you'll blow chunks, been there done that. It is such a slow chaser that knowing when to stop becomes more of an art rather than science. Rage is common when intoxicated, while others are infected with verbal diarrhoea (that’s the act of talking to much cock) of which I find the “philosophical” strain of virus the worse.

Having a said conversation about any matter be it war, religion or love, to get the best perspective would be to consult an unbiased source. RIGHT. Obviously should you consult a leftist, he/she would show you his/her leftist views. Correcto? So what happens if you consult a biased source for “advice” and in the midst of drunken stupor needed to unload your already bursting emotional baggage? All hell breaks loose.

And it makes matters a lot worse than I should be. Just like how it is now. The situation has gone from bad to worse and this whole commotion about hearing this and that “I trust my instincts” has run amok. No one gave you the right to tell me what to do. Closure is a very delicate word. Not everyone (although most) needs it AND I believe very strongly that should someone need closure from me all they need to is bring the topic to light.

For some when they say ok lets settle things and actually say it’s settled. They mean it. If you do not feel it is then don’t say it has been settled. I do not take easily being accused of things that I’m not. I fight vigorously to defend myself when put in such a situation. Also it helps get the facts right. You speak based on not hard facts but rather intangible instincts and hearsay from “pet brother”.

Give me a break.

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