Odds, ends and one finger sandwhich

By UnkleBus
The year has come and gone, 2007, wah... so fast ar? bugger. where you go?

Then the government said that emergency lanes are not to be used for emergencies. Maybe then they should propose an emergency emergency lane for real emergencies and another for... err... fake ones...

Starbucks had a great offer of 2008 diaries, 17 drink stickers and one food sticker and there you have, a typically starbucks brown paper book. We collected 10 of those so you do the math.

Then to start it off, some butt old minister gets caught in a sex tape.... *wave hands* and goes OOoooo... Way to go Mr. Saggy Baggy! oh and she's just a friend eh? HAHAHA


we got the best seats in the house at the Apartment on NYE. Everyone was looking at the fireworks, we were just looking for the air conditioning... And, bloody hell, the curve is like an upmarket Cheras Leisure Mall. The fucktards went Yummm Sengggg IN APARTMENT.. HAHA donno if I wanna laugh or cry ler. But then again, I'm chinese too so... *sigh*

Yes the merry green men have emerged and vanished, vindicated by the sounds of party poppers and (the latest craze) spray foam, poked in the eye by a ball point pen and had their hearts crossed, whatever that means.

Have a great 2008! I can hear the August fireworks already ;)