Of people and elves

By UnkleBus
as i sit and contemplate
about a crap if i should take
i write in this "blog" so called
something is, what which recently left me balled

the mind lingers, inquisitive
heart beats, anticipate
not since recently, not adequately
completely masking the...


doesn't rhyme but what the hell
i cant decide which to yell
decide to the toilet i'll go
or write some junk and show

the elf that dwells so elegant so charming
make it hard deciding about going
let it all out and get over it
or dwell deeper let it swell and fall sick with fever?


that was just letting the inner "poet" out for a bit. Anyway it's just been a crazy week for me, the fact that the holidays have slowed down the pace of things and the training last week didn't help at all. It was draggy for the most bit but the factory visit propped it up a notch. If you think you've seen ciggies, you haven't till u've seen the factory. Stacked up like beehives ready for processing, they line up, get pushed along the conveyor, filtered down packed into boxes and shrink wrapped for your pleasure. Yeah, from the leaf till carton. It was an experience.

One of the sessions felt like a motivational course, Nithi the HR guy is good. yeah the four pillars and shit, but as they say all goes well ends well and he managed to keep my eyes open, whereas most of time I was either nodding off or playing some game on the PDA.

Sunday I'm meeting someone for lunch to discuss an "Investment" strategy, like "swisscash". It's a pyramid scheme, but on the phone I acted as if I had no clue what investment was. She made the mistake of explaining too much which breaks rule no. 1 about setting a sales appointment on the phone; get the person interested, set the appointment and hang up... IF it weren't for the job, I know she smokes, I would have already said no. Haha... but what the hell, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Dinner last night was good, I was tired but the company was great, we initially made reservations for "King Crab" opposite Kelana Jaya and would you believe they didn't have any crab dishes? on the set menu that is. They insisted on pushing the CNY set to us but all we wanted was crab. Many times we asked to speak to the captain but they were just too busy to attend to us. Out of 12 tables upstairs and a staff of 6 so go figure. We left and ended up in this Pangkor Laut place in Tmn Megah.

Tonight's the first family dinner in a year, love and hate at the same time. Gah... I need my own place FAST...

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