By UnkleBus
I got out of IT, joined an tobacco co. for marketing and events and got assigned IT.

I wasn't lucky enough to draw the ballot to go for this Saturday's Black Tie event.

I arrived early today to submit my claims only to be sent off by the boss to tarpau food.

All my work planning and building relationships for the paintball event have been assigned to someone else.

My January claims have been delayed because I had to redo and resubmit.. It happened because someone forgot to renew my car road tax and I had to use a different car for a week.

My Feb claims have been delayed because no one was around during CNY and we had training the entire week.

Where's my other 3 cartons for Feb?

Chiang Mai doesn't cut it if you ask me. I want somewhere like BALI

It's not like I'm not pulling in the numbers you know, fuggin 120 new contacts after a 2 mths the last I counted.

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