By UnkleBus
I'm smoking in my room again... not a good sign.

This is.. really not a good sign lor. I'm actually quite pissed at something that just happened but I just cant seem to express my anger anymore. This is soooo depressing because I used to be so good at it! I take a good hour just think of what to write in a 'normal' post but a five page angry kind would cost less than 10 minutes.


Maybe I'm not angry or agitated enough yet... Yea, come to think of it, I feel more irritated than angry. But I should be angry. I should be MAD. DAMNIT! ANGERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Oh woe, where hast thou gone, Wrath of Unklebus?

Art thou under in thy ivory tower, playing a game of mahjong with Angst of Bandar Utama and Fury of Taman Mutiara?

ohhh like that la nowwwwwwwww... fucker!

I wonder if there's any... like reverse anger management therapy available here. Got ar? I'm sure there is la... somewhere. If they can have things like cranosacral therapy I'm sure there's one where they can find your inner 'Tyler Durden'...

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