Seb Fontaine. Not Sad Fountain

By UnkleBus

More pics from last friday's event at Zouk. Seb Fontaine dropped an awesome set, it leaned towards progressive at the beginning and then moved to trance but by then we were already ready to leave. The warm-up set by Terrence IMHO was on par with Seb's but it didn't overshadow the main act, unlike some other "character" with his champion mix at a certain Ferry Corsten event. (haha sorry I couldn't help myself)

Anyways here are some of the pics, the rest can be found here. Last week's Mambo Jambo pics are over here.

so mang chang, no alcohol...

Yolkster, Mel and Fye

Mel and Elle

ooo... Lovelylovely (british accent)

Peace, i think? heh

The Technicolor's minus me taking the pic!

Mel and Elle

Alco is bad for you

must've been the water

it kinda tasted like whiskey

thats right

happy happy

joy joy

and then we ran out of alcohol...

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