Mambo Soup

By UnkleBus
Last Wed, Mambo was the bomb. There were many familiar faces including my new colleagues, old and new friends, ex-high school mates and the odd straggler or two. It was also weird at one point but it didn't matter after a while because the alcohol was flowing like the blood in my veins. I had more fun compared to any other mambo night... well maybe with the exception of mambo superheroes where Mel went around holding the bottle *grin*

I don't know why but the music had a good vibe to it everyone was partying and getting down with it. Nah, since I haven't updated in a while (some even called my previous update not worthy of a post... hehe), let me flood you with some pics wokie?

Suet Yeng and La Boo

Michelle and Chely (Pronounced shirly, don't ask me why)

The Burfday gurl

Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk J

Ze boyz, sorry Enzo got your head cut off heh

Suet Yeng and Darren

My fav pic of the night (except for the guy on the right)

Tini and the hamsup *grin*

Thats Alison, now wouldn't you like to be her contact? heheh

The kawaii Delia

My drunkard boss Lam and Pam

The lovelies

Yoga and Tini

Joachim - standard pose? eheh

Seb Fontaine is spinning tonight at Zouk's mainroom and I believe Terrence C. is warming up for him. It's gonna be good shit. I'll see you there ;)

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