Up yours

By UnkleBus
Every so often we come across individuals so keen on showing to the rest of the world how great they are. The way the work, the way they speak, the way they carry and how they portray themselves. They also make it a habit to brandish technical jargon; they throw questions back at you and basically state the obvious to make it sound intelligent. All of this makes for a great show but the underlying personality is worth 2 pennies and a pound of shit. Well for fairness sake, there are actually 2 kinds in this category, the insecure and the manipulative.

And I can’t work with either.

Not that I haven’t tried. I think by now I’m quite an expert at acting my part because outright show of displeasure may offend others or cause some to have a bad impression of me. Let me explain a little about the insecure type. Not really a problem with me basically because I understand where she/he is coming from. Everyone has their little insecurities at times but when it overcomes a person’s basic instinct to be sensible then it becomes a problem. Trying too hard is just trying too hard and it shows.

What I cannot take is the manipulative kind. Bloody snakes will do anything to get something because 1. They will not take the risk for it; and 2. They want all the credit if a job is well done. It is when you know something’s been going on but inadvertently keep it hush for risk of sounding like a jealous idiot that pisses me off. They have blatant disregard for those they work with UNLESS they need their help. Choosing to help would be in turn helping their cause but in not doing so would be to their advantage when they wish to strike back at you.

What third party?

I’ve also come to see that they often recruit third parties in order to make their work easier. The poor souls... They have no idea of what’s happening around them; that they’re just fodder. “Yes” men usually fit the bill for this job and there seems to be no shortage of that. But the worse thing is that the only way I can see how to fix a situation like this is to BE like that. It’s a dog eat dog world really so when in Rome do as the Romans they say. It’s just that it’s against my principle. It really boils down to the phrase ignorance is bliss, for those who choose it though. Others like me who are cursed with no such ability to ignore such acts just go around moping and writing blog entries just like this. I know for one I will not stoop to that level no matter how desperate I am for reassurance.

So what the fuck do I do now?

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