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By UnkleBus

What’s this? Age catching up with the RHCP? Taking advice from rolling stones and listening to “Hard to concrete” first made it hard to differentiate the new more "muted" as RS would call it and their previous incarnation in by the way. Flea's bass is as usual the driver behind the band's music with Kiedis and his brand of vocals. The track warlocks however sounds suspiciously like parallel universe but I'm not complaining. I would say that my favorite track would be between "Strip my mind" and "Hey"

It’s not often that you get a double disc set in which you enjoy most, let alone some of the songs on both discs as the case here. The last I had that come close to liking all the songs was Linkin Park's Hybrid theory and that was a single disc. Ultimately it’s an enjoyable double disc and I just decided; my favorite track is "Hey". What's yours?

I rate it a 3.5 out of 5

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