200 frikkin posts!!!

By UnkleBus
I’m surprised it got this far. I wonder how many more there will be. Well considering 90% of what I post is junk and the other 9% meaningless, you can say “you’ve come a long way baby” *grin*


England won 2-0 against Trinidad & Tabago. T&T played well with 2 near misses due to bad luck. They made England suffer quite a bit. At the 83 minute Peter Crouch scored the first followed by Gerrard’s in the 90th in hopes of cementing their lead but during the 91st min T&T made a good shoot and flick but was disallowed for being offsite. Not bad for Sven Goran Eriksson since England have never won the first two opening matches in the world cup, ever.

Now all they have to do is draw against Sweden to avoid ze Germanz ;-)