Chronicles of Niama - Part I

By UnkleBus
Rudely awoken from its slumber the t-rex felt like rubbing its eyes but his hands were too short to reach. So out of utter frustration t-rex rubbed it on the table where a once leafy plant called home. The sun was shining and having the urge for a white paper silver ring smoke stack pack rack mack daddy-yo decided to go to the toilet to relieve the bursting banks. Like the Yang-tze but in this context it would be referred to as the yellow river; it flowed with the rage of a camel… with a thousand bottle flies buzzing around its ass…

The slimy newt was grazing on algae freshly grown on the inside of the toenails of the bronchosaurous. The b-saur had been standing in a muddy pool for days after watching desperate housewives. He downloaded it by mistake because someone had labeled it toyko drift. Damn MPAA he grunted. 4 frikking days wasted downloading something else on what was supposed to be a 1mbps connection. Raising its head above the canopy all it could see were mountain gorillas… wait a min, they’re too heavy to be on the canopy

Having not eaten for days the newt gorged at what he could find. Brown algae, yellow algae, purple algae, green … pink algae, blue algae, maroon algae, red algae, ochre algae, cyan algae, desert blue algae, RGB algae, CMYK algae but the most delicious was greyscale algae. It like farted multitude of colors can you imagine…

T-rex went up to B-saur, tapping on its huge shoulders, “Dude… have you had lunch?” b-saur ignored t-rex. T-rex asked again. “DUDE HAVE YOU HAD LUNCH?!!”… no response. “get off my frikking tail u lumbering ox” said the newt… except at that time there were no such creatures named ox, so both Trex and bsaur looked down at the newt. WTF is an ox?... it’s a four legged animal you moron. Trex pondered a while before looking at b-saur and again asked “Dude, have u had lunch?”

b-saur went back to looking at the gorillas.. this time there were yellow chimpanzees, with wings… and feathers and wearing an awesome u2 video iPOD. The newt visibly peeved at the two crawled off but not before letting rip an enormous multicolor rainbow of a fart where he laid for days on end just surfing autoworld… the smell irritated t-rex, so with all his might, he curled his tail into a mighty spring ready to strike… and used the tip to pick his nose. (because his hands were too short)

-the end-

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