Quit smoking will ya?!

By UnkleBus
Ok I’m pretty tired of smoking. I think I should quit now that I’ll be jobless in a few weeks. Or at least, limit myself to certain occasions, like clubbing. My usual routine would be 1 stick in the morning on the way to work, 1 after breakfast followed by another at around 9.30 to 10am. After that depending on where I’m headed to lunch I usually smoke 1 stick before and another after lunch. At 3.30 I usually have a tea break stick and after work I smoke 1 last stick walking back to the car. Then at home again I smoke about 4 sticks but this is completely random and could be more or less at times. So in total I smoke about 11, so give or take 3, I smoke in total 14 sticks a day.

Let’s see how I can cut down, not going cold turkey of course. Itchy hands and the routine of it all would take time I figure…

  1. The first step would be to stop smoking when driving. This will save me 2-3 sticks per day.
  2. The second step would be not to smoke in the room at home.
  3. Then by not smoking in the morning.

Basically I want to move towards and limit myself to smoking before and after meals for at least 2-3 weeks. Then I’ll only smoke in clubs. So within the first 2 weeks I should cut down my smokes a day by quite a bit. Later on I’ll have a smoke after meals only and hopefully by then be smoking 3-4 stick a day only. What happens after that we’ll just have to see. If this works I’ll write a book… haha

I used to say (before I started) “It’s not the starting (to smoke) that scares me, it’s the quitting” and I’ve never felt it till now.

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