Before Prohibition

By UnkleBus
I was reading a nice little article on how the drugs that are considered illegal now, were legal before the "prohibition". Interestingly it did mention that bayer pharmaceuticals was the company responsible for inventing heroin. I knew from a friend that a company had manufactured it commercially initially but I was suprised it was bayer. Last year bayer bought over Roche Pharmaceutical's Consumer division, which makes brands like the Redoxon vitamins. Funny how they are responsible for this drug in the first place.

Cocaine is an effective local anesthetic, and some of the earliest uses of cocaine was for its local anesthetic properties. Today, other compounds such as lidocaine and procaine are the medically preferred local anesthetics. These compounds do not produce the mood-elevating and euphorigenic "side effects" that can occur with cocaine.

For those who don't already know how Coca-cola came to have it's name should read this article. It also mentions how amphetamine products were still available up till the 1970s.

Heroin was commercially developed by Bayer Pharmaceutical and was marketed by Bayer and other companies (c. 1900) for several medicinal uses including cough suppression.

Article Link: Before Prohibition

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