And in an instant

By UnkleBus
The weekend disappeared.

The dinosaurs did not die off because of a meteor… I think one of them started taking drugs and fell asleep at work. That caused a chain reaction. He was QC at a canned food factory and some of his magic dust slipped in causing the whole communities to hallucinate and kill each other. Others had an allergic reaction. The T-Rex then formed a union and protested wages and hazardous working conditions. He was then beaten down by the raptors of management and the bronchosaurous lawyers sued him and his family to bits. T-Rex went mad and ate his GM plus the IT manager. The T-Rex then died from indigestion. CSI reports that the IT Manager did not fully digest because of its metal implants which suggest that he was part borg. A phaser stun gun was also found in the T-Rex nether regions. the lawyers fled and most likely evolved into cockroaches.

Masterdons taking advantage of this situation decided that now was the time to set off their nuclear device but to their horror accidentally pressed the “explode” now button blowing themselves and half the earth up to bits. Lazier species like the archeoptyrex started to dive bomb into chemical factories. Investigations revealed that they weren’t actually suicide bombers, but rather stoned and fell asleep in mid flight due to puffing the magic pipe once too often. It is most likely thought that they saw clouds and rainbows at these locations.  the chemical haze enveloped the world in a deadly cloud of pink and white which made all dinosaurs happy. Too happy infact that they started to see carebears and my little pony figures flying in from the sun. All died of post traumatic disorder.

Further investigations pending, information will be released as seen fit. And that’s how the dinosaurs died. The end.