My Top 5 Games of all time

By UnkleBus
I’ve definitely been bitten by the top 5 bug. Now geeks only need apply here because we’re talking about games. I’ve been playing PC games for a while and these have been the top 5 games that influenced my life; as in wasted it but its all good. They were pivotal in developing my hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills (hahaha). Here’s the Top 5 in chronological order from earliest to latest.

Ultima IV – This one I finished a million times. It was so bloody addictive at that time finding all party members and completing the quests. Remember those orc icons or hunting for mandrake? Hours upon hours wasted infront of a green phosphor screen Apple IIe 640MB Ram, No Harddisk and a 5.25” floppy drive.

Archon – This was a game of both arcade and strategic value. You had sort of chess pieces which you moved around to control certain power spots and if someone wanted to grab that spot they would have to battle it out. The banshee and phoenix were my favourites. The Chimera also not bad. You could summon elementals to do your bidding and even the time of day affected the strength of your powers. Fuckin’ awesome!

Thunderforce III – This blew me away. I read about this in a review and it was the only reason why I wanted a Sega Megadrive. It still used the cartridge system and was huge. I played it so many times I knew where all the enemies and hidden bonuses were and could finish the entire game without losing a single life. The graphics at that time were pretty spectacular too.

UFO: Enemy Unknown – was a blast to play and it charted out a path into the R&D/turn-based type of game. It was so detailed with almost unlimited research trees and the graphics again blew me away. Split level squad based games came from this. First time I played it, it was a demo from PCGamer that fit on one 3.5” floppy. Now look at the games these days; mostly CDs full of crap. Scramble the jets and shoot down that UFO Now!

Quake – The original, the godfather of all FPS games, Grandfather of networked games. Where rocket jumping was normal, straffing your opponent with the nail gun essential, dropping pineapples like summer rain and shooting the lightning gun in water for fun. We used to play this at a cybercafé in Subang for hours. StrwB had the innate ability to rocket jump 2 floors I remember and my favourite level was DM4 (I think?). This is the ultimate game. It changed the face of gaming forever; stole countless hours of our lives but still we all prayed to the Lords of Quake ;-)

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