The weekend that was

By UnkleBus
Friday night was probably the cleanest evening in a quite a while. Laboo, AK and I wound up in Maison around 11ish and met up with Anomie, who happened to be with Andrea, Cameron and Liza. It was so the fun, 1. because I was a Maison virgin and 2. because there were lots of hot chicks there (and you know how excited you get when its your first time right? Haha)*grin*. I was also surprised to see Mei Peng and her kewt friends there hehe :P

The management bought up 5 shophouses around the heritage row area and did it up into a single venue. There were quite a few familiar faces; some you may even recognize them from the now defunct Viva and Atmosphere but somehow, Maison sort of failed create that sort of atmosphere; like the one of awe like when you see the crowd outside Zouk on a Thursday night. At 11pm it was pretty empty. The music however progressively improved. Too bad at one point it sounded a lot like voodoo night, too much sound and not enough music.

We spent most of the night snapping pictures, well Laboo did... hehe but I had my fair share as well. Damn it I love the Lumix. Most of the pictures turned out pretty well, and this was without flash in a very dark environment with bright contrasting strobes. Will post up a few samples in the coming days.

The next day we sent StrwB off to Holland, where he’ll be spending a couple of weeks for work. Delft is a very nice place but it’s a tad bit boring. It kind of reminds me of Ipoh, divided by four in size, minus 100% life. Ok maybe it reminds me more of Segamat except it has loads of ducks and swans. Everything closes at 5pm, so when I was there I was like wtf. They don’t even have the European equivalent of mamaks too. After returning from the airport a bunch of us met up at Sunway for some drinks and shit, where we spent the night talking cock and singing songs (not literally of course)

Now its time for lunch and it’s such a chore deciding where to go and eat. Everyday same thing. Save me from this recurring nightmare. Nasi goring kampong everyday is no gewds. I think a double filet would do perfectly. The only thing is to convince the rest of the crew. Post later. Eat nows!