Get this...

By UnkleBus
There’s a certain reaction that I’m feeling from others that has been bothering me a little. Is it some sort of a defense mechanism that people switch to when feeling threatened? For whatever the reason may be, although I probably can guess what it is, they seem to… start saying things and passing unnecessary remarks.

I mean I do what I do, and I don’t do it for recognition although I admit that I love it and bask in it at times. Did I do something wrong or perhaps cross into your turf? You think you’re better than me or do you just feel inadequate? Who made it YOUR turf? Who started this competition anyway?

I have never appreciated actions by those whom they think are above the rest, especially when I don’t impose my views/opinions on these people. I listen to all sides and I pick one and if I say something then they are entitled to do the same too. Perhaps they should examine their own inadequacies before judging me. I can spot a bad apple no matter how much you try to butter it up or sugar coat it and yes it takes one to know one.

Its human nature

I understand that point too. Like that person is supposedly “THE MAN”. But seriously if you are the supposed “sifu”, have a little confidence too. I’m not out for the coveted title. Your coveted title.

Maybe they feel I’m getting too much attention?

Maybe it’s just me thinking too highly of myself.

Of which I hope it’s the latter. Then tell me why does it happen over and over? For now I’ll allow them the benefit of the doubt and hell, if they want to go ahead and “compete” then go ahead. I couldn’t care less. But don’t put me down. That’s where I bite back.

Usually when people put up a strong front, they're usually the weakest ones. Trying to be something their not or trying to project their image above what is, naturally them. You can tell when someone does it. They just try too hard. Just be yourself, its what most if not all friends appreciate.