Crappanolla part II

By UnkleBus
Today I’m feeling fucked. Besides the nausea this morning I’m so damn tired. I had an unexpected visitor last night around 4 in the morning come knocking at my door. All drunk and I think quite high as well she had insisted on staying the night so bloody hell I had to use all my patience to convince her to get to the car for me to send her home. And it’s sooo bloody far.

What the fuck do people take me as? Some sort of halfway house for the high? I have a bloody life and I need my fucking sleep so fuck off lah. This is not a joke. I left my cheer and glee at home today. Come over at 4 in the morning uninvited expecting me to be all hospitable then you have another thing coming your way.

Intelligence… or the lack thereof

The stupid secretariats have no clue on how to operate a simple projector. The product managers too don’t know how to operate the projector. Just plug the fucking cable in and turn the projector on. How people can be so inept astounds me. Some idiot also came up to me and said when I do work I have to smile. First of all its not my job to take care of the projectors, secondly fuck you bitch, I smile when I feel like it which is most of the time so when I don’t you should know to keep your distance.

The stupid ass of a boss took leave this week and all the while whenever I want to take leave during an important period he’ll make one hell of a ruckus before grudgingly signing my leave application. With this current project dubbed “Pegasus” in full swing he has the cheek to go Thailand and fuck some whore.

The slut can wait. My cursing can’t…

Not only did he attend the first 2 meetings a few months ago, he also failed to realize the implications of the project but after yesterday’s meeting with his managers, I did hint to them that my boss didn’t mention the severity of the impact and that his position is actually quite pointless. I hope the fire him or at least make him eat some shit.

Well I feel much better now after spilling my guts and the nausea has subsided. Gah… but its only 9.20 AM God help me…