Cold lovin'

By UnkleBus
The other day that my when hard disk died I was totally crushed. The disk itself had failed and there was that heart crunching clicking sound that you hear when the platters try to spin. All of my data, 6+ year’s worth of work, junk and other miscellaneous files were lost.

It wasn’t until a few days later Eddie told me about a weird way of seemingly resurrecting it and today I decided to give it a go. What would I have to lose anyway right? The process revolves around metal shrinking at lower at lower temperature. It’s called “Chuck your hard disk in the freezer and pray”.


It apparently works about 65% of the time too.

Make sure you have an external hard disk case. Remove the connecting portion from the case where the USB cable plugs into.

So first things first. Remove your hard disk, in this case, my “old” Hitachi notebook hard disk. Should be pretty simple

Next find some antistatic plastic, then place your hard disk inside. When you’ve done that chuck it in the freezer for one hour

Have a smoke and think of the revolution

Take it out of the freezer and quickly get it prepared

Plug in the connector from the external disk case.

Place it back into the plastic bag, then connect the usb cable to your computer.

There is a rough chance that your hard disk may work but in the end mine didn’t. So much for trying though it does work most of the time. Perhaps my hard disk was in worse shape than I figured initially.

Well if your hard disk does die on you, don’t just throw it away. Try to revive one last time and if it still doesn’t work try again tomorrow. At least there is a chance rather than no chance at all. *grin*