Three dot zero zero

By UnkleBus

Three dot Zero Zero pm and I’m feeling very sleepy. I don’t know why but for the past 2 nights, my sleep has not been as restful as I would’ve hoped. The day before yesterday felt like the end of the world. I curled up into a ball on my sofa and almost fell asleep to Michael Buble. It felt so much like a bad trip (except that I had not taken shit for the past few weeks) or a premonition that something bad will happen...

Yesterday I went for some F1 event at the Rum Jungle w/ ex-cols and close buds. It wasn’t too bad; in fact it was quite well organized. The food was better than expected and the free-flow of beer and house pouring, which started at 8 pm lasted till around 10.45 (which is a record in my book). I left around that time too. When I got home I felt so drained, like a dead fish. I just went straight to bed and today I’m like this again.

I’m thinking is this a medium term “downer” of sorts?

Perhaps there are several types, one kind of downer which you experience almost immediately after doing shit, another a few weeks down the road. Do you get it too? I don’t know and really don’t care to find out for myself. This weekend promises to bring some good ol’ partying but I don’t seem to be too excited over the prospect(!!!)

Sighhhh I don’t know. I just want to session haha. I’ve got the stuff all sorted out, neatly packed into double sealed zipper bag and its color coded too. Yellow, green and white. Yippee!

It’s Three dot One Five now. I think it’s time for a hot cuppa tea and a smoke.