The day IM became AM

By UnkleBus

IM = Instant Messaging
AM = Annoying Messages

When did IM (Instant Messaging) become ITTFOWTFISBLATGDI??? That’s short for “Instant try-to-figure-out-what-the-fuck-I’m-saying-by-looking-at-these-god-damn-icons Messaging”. I have no idea but it’s seemingly the transition phase for IM into AM. And yes it is fucking annoying!!!

I mean the whole point of IM is to convey a message to person or a group of people over the internet correct? So what would be the best way? Voice! but since people are already hacking away at keyboards and it takes up much less bandwidth than voice, typing your message across works better than sending voice. Now the only problem is… how do you convey your emotion?


That’s where some geek invented emoticons, which then evolved to smileys. And then one sunny day a BRIGHT SPARK thought HMMM… I should link smileys with day to day words so that my sentences would be animated and colorful!!! WOW Happy happy joy joy!!!!!!!

Stupid fakkr!!!

Now when I chat with “that kind of person”, I take 10-15 minutes (for severe cases) to even BEGIN to COMPREHEND the hell they are talking about. This is all because that out of 4 words, 3 of it are icons. Stupid big-ass animated icons. Not only do they take 15-20 seconds to download, some of them are downright ANNOYING. I can’t even figure the fuck they are trying to tell me.

Ok so if you use it in moderation then fine, Great, I do that too… but please don’t go overboard and use it for 80% of your online vocab. It’s not funny, it’s not cute… it’s just stupid. People like me aren’t made to read minds thru the web like you. So is this a process of evolution? Hell no, it’s devolution at its peak. Genius invented the web; intelligence got us communicating so for the love of God lets keep it that way.