School quiz prep

By UnkleBus

Haha ok I’m in a party mood today. I have not started on work yet, oh wait… that’s like everyday. HAR HAR.. Since the logistical nightmare of planning this 2 day party is over I guess I have more time to be excited. (Except there’s one more thing left to do). Big difference from the way I felt yesterday. I was all “bleahhhh party?"

Last night a friend of a friend called, I couldn’t catch her name because it woke me from sleep and I was damn blur. Hopefully I wasn’t rude. I was trying very hard to make sense of it all HAHA. Basically she wanted to get some Tiesto tickets off me that very night so I had to buy more the next day (which is today). Problem is that there isn’t enough time today to get the tickets. 1. KL will be packed today. 2. It will most likely rain making traffic worse. 3. I have to go home then go fetch laboo and heejung. So sorry couldn’t help you out whoever you were, given other circumstance I would have tried my best.

Haha… I feel so bad not remembering your name *grin*

Mad parties going on this weekend, all of them designed to squeeze as much money from you as possible, the F1 just an excuse. Party more, spend more, drink more, repeat from step 1. They’re interested in step 2, whereas we are interested in minimizing step 2. (and three for that matter, *lol*) we only want step 1 right? Right. So ATB tonight and TIESTO tomorrow, and sessions in between. Yeah!


Dear Class,

We will have our group discussion and quiz at one of the two usual locations. Please prepare your study material and exam kits as you will be tested in theory and practical. Your results will count toward your Technicolor scholarship. New students are exempted from the theoretical quiz for the first round only. Failure will result in an exam re-sit, though honestly speaking its not as bad as it sounds ;)

That’s all for now. Thank you,