U know that song, tiew tiew one?

By UnkleBus

HAHA this is hilarious. Elle from elleashley.com and I were chatting and she was trying tell me some song, which I didn’t recognize by the name. Here’s our chat. See if YOU know how the song sounds like in the end! *LOL* for the rest of it go to Elleashley.com

p/s: my stomach still hurts… hahahahah

elleashley: 9pm till I come ting ting ting worrrrrrrrrr
Tyler: what is ting ting ting?
elleashley: sorry salah sound affect
Tyler: hahahah
elleashley: should be tie tiew tiew tiewti something liket hat lar hahahahahhahahaaha
the song sound larrrr
Tyler: hahah ok lucky u said its a sound fx if not would have looked damn salah
elleashley: hahhahahahahaa
later u hear
u know rite wut i'm toking about??
Tyler: dub dub dub
heeeeee.. grin demblur
elleashley: the rythym of that song
u know 9pm till i come rite?!?!!
Tyler: Ohh that one ah
yah heard on your ipod
elleashley: know anot??
no NOOoooo
Tyler: eh no?
elleashley: that one is In love with the dj
Tyler: hahahaha
elleashley: go here n listen...
Tyler: whooooops LOL
elleashley: 9pm till i come is their 1st hit
Tyler: sorry i dem useless
elleashley: its the song that got me into raves/ electronic music... the whole entertainment scene
i educatings u
Tyler: ohh okok yes treacher
elleashley: http://www.redzone.com.my/
click there
they have the song when u load the page
Tyler: ohhh that song
elleashley: when the first page loads
then u skippit
then the second song
till i come...
Tyler: when u can see all the DJs rite
ahhh yah oldskool!
dem cun song
elleashley: yes yes
yeah lor
Tyler: ohh it shud be tookook tookookok
elleashley: but i dont quite like this version
very ahbeng
no nooooo
Tyler: this is the ori mix i think
elleashley: not the took took sound
the tiewnieew sound
Tyler: hahahahahahahhahahah
elleashley: tiew tiew tiewniewitt
Tyler: yea ya then the background oso got Tookootookoootok Tookootookoootok
rite onnot
can i blog about this?
nono us hud blog this
elleashley: hahahahaha
dowan lar
like sorhaiii
Tyler: wei u donwan i will la
elleashley: fine...
Tyler: damn farnee my collegue askign why am i laffin
elleashley: ahhahahaha
me too!!
except that noone saw me
Tyler: hehehe
u know how i laugh rite?
elleashley: urhhh like hyeana? did i spell that rite? hahahaaa
Tyler: hyenaa