Not on medication.

By UnkleBus

I dunno. I’m feeling rather cheeky today; and funny thing is I’m not on medication. HAHA Not that I’m always ON medication but you know it does give you a buzz at times. (Cough syrup does that to me). It’s just a feeling of happiness plus stupidity, and that it makes me want to spread that joy to others… either by annoying them to bits or telling stupid jokes.

But hey I’m on leave Friday so who wants to go ghetto? I feel so ghetto lar serious (since last Saturday as a few can attest to) and it’s about time to party again. Work just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sometimes I wish I could get paid to go party. I think I’m in the wrong line. Events management is the way to go.

Serious question

Would you hire someone to throw you a party? That person or co. would take care of everything from the venue, deco, drinks and food, guest lists and invitations, choice of music (recorded or live) and etc. Because I’m thinking that these days more people tend to throw private parties to celebrate whatever. The only problem with that is that it costs quite a bit if you were to rent a service apartment not to mention it’s also a bitch to organize. So if you could pay someone who would take care of it all, would you?

It’s just an idea that’s been swimming in my mind for quite a while now and I’d like to kick if off because I think it works. How? You think can or not ha?