Eh pleaseeeee lar

By UnkleBus

I have a firm belief that if you have nothing good to say, then don’t. I for one did not ask for your opinion and again, you’re pissing others off by passing unwanted remarks. You don’t have to put me/others down because you feel insecure. I understand. We all go through that every so often. But you are the exception once again and in this case it’s “so very often”.

Watch canto dramas summore. Watch so much till you incorporate it into your life. Good. Always like some frikkin’ love triangle or the pregnant leading lady just HAS to somehow trip and fall down OR someone’s mother cough blood… Someone says something and the other person replies, “lei hou la, yada yada” literally translated to be “you good la, you this la you that la” I mean fuck, I’m telling you so whats up with the lame sarcasm? “lei jiao hou lerrrrrrrrrr…” mahai… what’s up with that??

Or if there are 3 people in a group, and the two of them are talking suddenly the beng will say for example “oh yah lorrrr he can lorrrrrrr, he is so gooooooood” I mean… Sarcasm is an art. It requires finesse… the best sarcasm is when your “opponent” doesn’t even fucking know it is sarcasm or even better yet, thinks it’s a compliment. You are either born with it OR not. So stop trying so hard.

Acting like you’re all that but trying not to be. Aww poor thing. Do you feel like the whole world is against you? Feeling misunderstood? Just feel like curling into a ball and crying your eyes out? Wanna be a crow then be a crow, don’t gawk like one and tell others you’re a swan. (The thought of you being a swan sent a shiver down my spine) Wake up and smell the shit on your knees lah.

So I repeat sarcasm is an art. Don’t pretend to be all that. Pick your fights. Until then have a nice day ;)