The air damn fresh!

By UnkleBus
Someone’s cutting the grass outside and it smells awesome. It’s a muted tingling yet fresh smell that somehow I miss, but only when I smell it. It brings back old memories.

Today I sign up for my classes. There’s this little nagging feeling that I can’t quite place but we (me, myself and I) will assume that its excitement, thought I doubt it’s the same as the feeling of the first day of college. Why? Perhaps the course being at your own expense definitely puts things into perspective. Like how expensive things get.

Up till this point I have not really decided on which major. So many… I don’t want to fall into the trap of generalizing yet at the same time being too specialized. I know it will play a part in the future, but there’s no way of telling what it would be. I'm not sure myself what I see me doing in a few years. Maybe I should be “specialized in generalism” like how Aran put it. hehehe

After that I’ll have to mosey on down to EPF to withdraw cash from my Account II. Yeah lar, if not how to pay? Money fall out of the sky issit? Heh. I’m quite impressed with the EPF. Their online system works very well and had all the info I needed to support my application for an education withdrawal (check it out here). Not bad for a government backed co.

Back to smells. Have you ever smelt something familiar from your childhood and immediately felt at ease and comfortable? I remember as a kid my dad used to smoke right before he left for work in the morning and the house would have that faint yet fresh smell of 2nd hand smoke. Even though he has quit for quite a number of years now, every time that I light up in the morning, my mind will be flooded with comfortable memories of “those days”.

Some of the other smells that I love are the smell of distant rain. That I would rate as my favourite smell. Not everyone can pick up the scent but if you can you’re lucky. Then it would be the smell of cut grass followed by the faint smell of second hand smoke or even your lover’s scent on his/her pillow after a good nights rest. It’s powerful and it’s romantic and at some point of time I’m sure you’ve experienced it.

I’m off now. Wish me luck.