What the fuckkkk

By UnkleBus

Utter rubbish! What in the name of flying pigs and fucking molasses do they think I am; a bloody robot? It’s already tough travelling and conducting training to a bunch of people but they have to call me in to work on sat 10 AM in the fucking morning. What are the rest doing? I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA!!!!

Fuck man, do you think I’m going on a damn holiday by going outstation you condescending dipshit? Do you think that you are of a much higher position than I am that you can skip this motherfucking workload and dump the shiates on me? Fuck you. I will bitch slap and kick your monkey ass so hard you’ll taste the salt on my knees. Oh and if you are reading this, do I look like I give a shit? HELL NO.

Of all days times they have to schedule the fucking audit and it’s on a Saturday. Not only that, it seems that my planned R&R time (on my well deserved weekend) has been cut short because the rest are too busy! TOO BUSY!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS TOO BUSY!!! OH IT’S OK TO TAKE UP MY TIME BUT NOT YOURS? Don’t you have a heart? Can’t you pity me? Please sir, can’t you help a poor brother out? Pleaseeeeee????? On the other hand fuck your pity because I like to be angry and right at this very moment I AM FURIOUS!!!

Mother fucking bitch ass cock sucker dick rash pussy faced dill hole turd smelling saggy balled tick infested gay prick! (And NO it doesn’t have to rhyme!!!) Mother father bastard! ARGHHH…say sorry! SAY VERY SORRRYYYY






Fuck man. I already swallow that entire “Tyler the supervisor”, “Tyler the assistant manager”, “Tyler this Tyler that” bullshit in the office. I don’t suck up to the boss but you make it seem so. Don’t you know it pisses me off but nevermind I keep quiet, nevermind, my will is strong…Ohhh nevermind, cool down. Well fuck you cool down. I’ll shove this cool-ie up your ass and pull it out of your ears…

And to top it off my plane has been delayed!!! Fuck you too MAS!!!

Piss off you twat! I’m posting this on my blog so that it’ll send you a message. If you still don’t get it you dumb fuck I’ll personally explain it to you face to face this Wednesday when I get back to the office. Oh don’t forget, this is a personal blog and I write what I want and when I want, if you don’t like it bugger off you chicken shit.

Have a fucking good day sir