New banner!!!

By UnkleBus
Woohoo!! how do you like my new banner? I think it rawks... nevermind, I self praise, if you don't like just prentend you do damnit!! hahah no just kidding. Seriously I like it a lots. Timing is bad tho, it looks quite festive. Made the banner in 20 mins. Terra or nottttt... tell me I'm good... you know it! hehehehe *sits in basket, and carries himself* :P

Just to let u know I "borrowed" the original image (again without permission... but with many thanks) from MakeZine's article on making LED Throwies. I'm also seriously considering doing this project, seems to be dem fun... my weakness = lights, ARGH... you should see how much time I spend in ikea just browsing the lights section. Anyway the throwies are just LEDs stuck to small watch batteries and magnets. Then you just have to throw it on something it'll stick on and you get your work of art. Damn good sasau toy!! hahah *grin*