I feel like shiates…

By UnkleBus
I’m sick man

friggin’ migrane again. So here I am hoping this coffee will make me feel better (nothing beats a migrane like high blood pressure! *lol*). I really feel bad about not going to work today, since there’s a shitload to do but I couldn’t drag myself out of bed this morning

The training went well except for penang. I think i screwed it up big time. A few of them didn't get their PDAs because I forgot to bring them up. It wasn't properly organized and guess who was in charge of that? ME. Reality bites and I'm now knee deep in shit. I've got to do some damage control to do this week not forgetting that there is a 99% chance that the system WILL Screw up, the boys on the other side have NOT sent me the final admin part of their database so changes still need to be done manually *sigh*

Anyway, I was cleaning up my hard drive and stumbled upon several REALLY old pics of my bud perry and me in the now defunct Chill. Just check out how different we used to look… hahah PERRY DON’T KILL ME! I know secretly u like the Sgt. Slaughter hairstyle right????? Hehe and look at my hair! Fucking long la... How I could stand such long hair before this is beyond me. Sheesh! *whats wrong with my hands man, trying to be a damn vulcan?* heheh yes last time it was alcohol all the way hence the redness.

Oh and I have a new banner. Boredom gets the better of me. I think I want to invest in a higher end cam, something that can take nice artsy-fartsy pics that could be turned into banners heh… I like this banner, the image of the spider sends of a ghostly aura and you can even see that it’s transparent legs but I'll do what inkBoy suggested, to add more color to it. A lense flare perhaps or something else to make it stand out or what I could do is form the text with grains of sand, just like the 2 dots there, Thanks for the suggestion inkBoy ;)