fewd is gewd

By UnkleBus
They forgot to reserve a room at Casuarina, Ipoh. Now it's Sheraton Penang. Wifi here costs 10 bucks per hour so i'm maximizing usage. *Grrr*

Ipoh was madness. 8 meals in less than a day. I had in no particular order; Ngar Choy Kai, Kari Meen, Mee Suah Fishball, Hainanese chicken rice, Nasi Kandar, Hor Fun, more Hor Fun and again Curry Hor Fun.. Stuffed is the werd!

Ok so I was waiting for my co. to call back regarding the hotel but they've already gone home. Guess I'll just have to check in lah.

This post is very "disconnected" for the lack of a better word. When my thoughts have shifted back to normal rather than thinking how fucking stuffed I'll post the full story.. :P

now i'm thinking what to eat at gurney & other places!!!! damnnnnn