An evening to remember

By UnkleBus
I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. Our dear Technicolor member is leaving for her studies in Perth, Australia. She’s one person full of zest and her presence is unmistakable. It’s been a great run these past few months. We’ll all be waiting for your return Mel. Be good, study hard, come back soon and we’ll party again!

Mel and Moi

Mel, Perry & Elle

The technicolor gang

Later that evening we popped by Ivy at the Heritage row to see Barrie. It was his pre-birthday party. Although it has been ages since this group actually met up, it was very refreshing to see some familiar faces. Most still looked the same, some others changed but it was clear that everyone grew up. Come to think of it, I’ve known some of these people for more than 9 years.

me, joey, barrie, perry, jason and dinesh

so the happy!

thats joe from joegraphical escapades so obey!

and the man of the night, barrie

Follow the link to Mel's & Barrie's pics on my multiply. All in all, maybe alcohol isn't so over-rated after all... hehe. Cheers to all!