By UnkleBus

Normally sleep comes naturally, at any time of the day, anywhere comfy. But last night it wasn’t to be so… kept on waking up. I just hate it when you wake up 5 minutes before the bloody alarm goes off, don’t you? Confirmed; bad mood for the day… *ugh*

So now I’m feeling sleepy AND have a terrible headache. There’s just too much love in the air I think. It’s stinging my nostrils, burning my throat and making me nauseous… or it could be that I just need to smoke *grin* Yes folks today is the day of love, lotsa hotel rooms are gonna be busy tonight, doctors will report an increase of MCs the day after Valentines due to “you-know-what”. Haha *grin* ok la so its not so bad as it sounds.

That’s it I’m gonna catch some shut-eye before the rest of the people here come back from lunch and start bugging me :(