You can feng my sui

By UnkleBus

Hit by the Friday blues yet? Can’t wait to go home? Yes we all know that feeling. It’s a bitch on Friday’s; one because work is a bitch and two the traffic… feeling de-motivated? You bet’cha balls I am and the gloomy weather ain’t helping. Ugh…

The other day they played an advert on TV about this Lillian Too character, it was an ad and it was sponsored by some massage chair company. (ogawa + osim = ogasim? haha) anyway how does a massage chair possibly influence FENG SUI?? As you know feng sui is an ancient Chinese tradition of placement so that you don’t feel fucked up in your own environment… correct? How can that massage chair possibly influence the good flow of chi into your body? Ey? As you may know those chairs prolly cost in the 5 figure area so the only chi I know that is flowing is out from your wallet.

Blatant product placement just pisses me off, and it’s not to say that she’s such a GREAT SUPER GRANDMASTER of Feng Sui. Pick up a couple of her books in MPH and read them and it’s always full of repeated info… She’s just damn good at marketing and doing business in general. That WAS what I respected her for, her smarts. Now that she’s tied in with this massage chair co. I’ve lost it for her, Want to do feng sui and use some massage product sounds fine to me, tell consumers that the flow of Chi is greater when sitting the oversized leather-wrapped vibrating/pulsating dildo is not, its stupid. Cannot believe the crap they put on TV… Don’t even bring up the stuff she sells at her store. You can buy the same quality junk at Petaling Street for FAR less than her glitzy-glam crap a.k.a bling-bling of the ancient Chinese era. Please lah spare me the crap wokie?


Oh my ex-boss bought us some pineapple tarts from Manderin Oriental, they're fucking awesome. The best I've had EVAH. The crust is delicious and the filling wont give me type-II diabetes. Pic of it later. 10 mins down and I've already had almost half the box... How la diet plan? Tak bley jalan la of course. Oh hey tell me which advert you hate the most… c’mon c’monnnn sharing is caring... hehe Oh look its time for my ciggie break, the part I look forward to the most at work hahaha j/k