The upcoming weekend

By UnkleBus
This weekend there are a couple of parties happening around town and most notably in Zouk. Its not that I’m a total Zouk slut but c’mon name me another place which throws parties like that. There’s an event for almost every occasion and weekend. The last and most enjoyable time I had ever in Zouk was at mambo’s Superheroes night last Monday. All they play during mambo are cheesy 80’s and 90’s tunes but somehow the vibe was just right and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. And to top it off, we were all clean save for (more than) a few glasses of alcohol…

So back to this weekend, there’s the push event by Raysoo and Tiefschwarz from Germany in the Zouk mainroom. According to their bio they play house and they’ve been around since the 1990s. Frankly speaking I’ve never heard of them and it’s quite pointless I summarize their bio, just read it for yourself (WorldDJ membership required) but it’s the simple fact that I’ve not layaned good house music in a while. The last time it was deep/chill house in Chill which up till today I still love. I wonder why there aren’t many places like that anymore, would be nice to see more or even a “chill franchise”. Raysoo on the other hand has a style of his own, more of a dark yet upbeat progressive sound but I’ll comment more on that after the event.

On Saturday Guinness will have its black party where everyone is supposed to dress in black I think. It’s quite a big event seeing how they have the entire Zouk for themselves. Firstly Kenny K and Michelle Nunis will be occupying The Loft; Oldies Jungle Jerry and Gariel, Rabbit and stickman will be playing in VU and Nesh will deck it out with Fuzz followed by MC Moots vs. MC James.

One question…

Who are these people? I’ve heard of Jungle Jerry and Gabriel… but rabbit? Ok, ok so maybe the name is a lil’ bit off and since I’ve never heard them play they deserve the benefit of the doubt. I’ll wait till I actually listen to them drop it before making any comments. But honestly I’m looking forward to this event. Missed last years event and everyone looked so yuppie. YUPPIES! And I SO WANNA BE LIKE THAT! Hahaha ok I guess I just need to de-stress from work. I’m hoping that it’ll turn out like Mambo Jambo Superheroes, because we had LOADS of fun.

So it’s just enough time now to prep my lil' tummy for some Guinness lovin’ and prepar what to wear (you can wear any color as long as it's black... *grin*) . See you there! ;)