Oh fucked up monday

By UnkleBus

This is fucked up. MSN cannot work. God damn "unknown parameter" problem. Can you dudes at speedymsn PLEASE FIX this error because I'm hopelessssss without msn… Your DLL allows me to bypass the firefuckedupwall... Give me your codeeee I will fix it! Pissed pissed pissed.. Depression, oh the angst… arghhhhh.. Contact me via my blog please guys. I think I'll spend the time I normally do chatting on msn building a stupid chat box on the blog hahaha… *lame*

*** RANT ***

Oh I went to help out some manager just now and I just can't stand it when they can't just shut up, keep on talking over my shoulder telling me this and that. U so clebber go solve it yourself la tiu… So kancheong for what? As tho im taking my own sweet time. If no one else knows the problem do you think I can figure it out in a sec?? Grrr…

I've written a poem, hope you enjoy it: -

    Welcome to my day, oh Monday,
    Please enjoy your stay,
    Watch and observe okay,
    Coz it'll get fucked in every way