By UnkleBus

I tell you… I’m depressed because of the lack of good reading material. elle, I wanna keeeel your co. IT guy… hee hee


At least subscribe his work email addr to pr0n junk mail… hows that? *grin*


If you fart loudly in an empty lift, will the sound reverberate throughout the lift shaft?

Some questions will go unanswered…


Ok so I’m bored. Sue me. The lack of blogging material has left this poor soul scraping the bottom of the barrel.

I am looking forward to one thing tho… this weekends black rising party by Guinness. Never been to one but I hear it’s quite hard to spot your friends. I’m also pretty sure some cheeko will come wearing white just for fucks. He/she won’t be getting free drinks, that’s for sure. If there is one, I’ll take a pic with him/her deal? Hehe

Oh please read I’m pimping her blog because she has mastered the art of cursing. It’s a great way to distress. Especially when she does her Rage^40238091238!!!!!1111oneone no one else can swear like she does, you can really feel the angst. I think she needs to get laid, I’m totally up for it if only she’d answer my replies…Haha

Yesterday I was at Starhill’s Jazzbar but because I’ve had one too many sweets I cannot remember the name. *damn* But it was good. The view, the deco; the ambiance in general. Prices there are reasonable too. It can get quite cramped if there you go with a large (10-15) group but it’ still ok. There was a live band playing which did not suck for once, compared to the likes of Havanita and Rum jungle… (I know it’s a different measuring scale but still) and this place is definitely one where you’d bring a date there for drinks and to get to know better. The only beef I have is the parking. Starhill’s new parking system sucks ass big time. Floors are no longer numbered, they’re named. Like adorn, explore, etc. Yes is a “Revolutionary” naming scheme *sarcasm* but why fix something if it isn’t broken? Put la numbers or just park in Marriot… Oh it has a great view of KLCC minus the crane in the construction area opposite starhill. It also has a very high roof so it doesn’t get smoky and the lights!!! simply marvelous I tell you. Next time we go lah, just to chill wokie?

*I couldn’t be arsed to write in proper England today. Begging your forgive.