Pond-er this

By UnkleBus
My sis had a pond installed in our garden today. Some feng shui thing again but it turned out ok. The lights were improvised to see how it would turn out. In the end I was coerced to "cangkul" or dig up the other part of the garden. Kena con nicely :P Tomorrow we'll need to get the feesh, plants and hopefully some permanent underwater lights. The process looks simple enough. The material is pretty much what you can get off the shelf so could this be a good business model? lemme build your pond dude!

You think it'll be a good pick-up line?

hey babe, wanna see my overflowing fountain? *wink* *wink*


Baby, can I show you my koi fish, later, you can show me your catfish, *meowww*

*please VOTE or submit your own lame fish-pond pickup line, the winner will be treated to a nice seafood dinner, lol*

Laying the foundation

Building the walls

Plastic, so plastic

Tidying up, Yeah thats me on my break from digging work taking the pic while she looks like she did all the work! *duh*

Pump it!

Night time with a underwater torchlight

Yeah some candles, can romen onnot? ehhe

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