By UnkleBus
I’ve been lazing around the house for the past month or so. It’s tiring doing nothing, just like work, except work has a purpose. My life for the time being has been filled with excuses to stay up late and partying over the weekend; one of my favorites would be, “I don’t have to work tomorrow”. But as time goes by I feel the pinch and itch to get back to the mill. Sitting still never really was my thing.

There are a couple of things that I have been working on lately, like a couple of business projects. One involves my sister’s company, Bespoke Gifts. I’m a partner at this newly established specialist at personalized gift solutions and the stuff they do in business is entirely different than working for someone. It involves so much communication and effort just to get it moving. For starters the initial investment, product and market surveys, not to mention the number of people you consult with for advice, contacts and help. And unlike working for someone, you don’t have that chain of command where u take orders for the most part and then micromanage on behalf of your boss.

Initially I felt averse to the whole idea of working with my sister but the one thing I do respect is her tenacity and so far all is going well but not without the occasional lazy-bone attitude of mine. The other business idea I have involves a mixture of events and “education” but it’s a little too early to reveal. Some may already know what I have in mind but its still at the think tank stage.

Then there’s my masters programme, which has been put on hold for the time being while I settle down mentally and think about the direction I want to take. Since I made the biggest leap of faith by quitting my job lots of thoughts crossed my mind. Invest in myself and start a business? Not enough capital. Invest in myself and work for someone? Not my cup of tea. Yada yada…

For now I’m getting comfortable with the way things are… never a good sign mind you… especially when it comes to payday and my bank account pretty much stays at $BR0KE.00 *grin*


I need to get my lunch and its almost 6pm ugh...

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