Is there a meaning to this?

By UnkleBus
I can’t sleep for now... and just had the weirdest dream sequence. I can’t even remember the sequence. I do however remember that there was a scene of a fight, passion and then truth.

The fight

I was up against a huge group of random people. The only significance about them was their age and I’m guessing early 20’s. They were friends and so I guess we were friends too at first but something must have happened that undermined some trust in the group. All of a sudden I was in a restaurant eating with 3 other people, one of them perhaps a guy which I or someone else pissed off, was angry at me and making threatening gestures with a pen knife. His entire gang was waiting outside and I could see them through the partition and it was a Japanese if not oriental themed restaurant.

Earlier I had lent my car to a close friend and she used it to get around to somewhere. She called halfway through dinner to tell me something went wrong. She didn’t know what but the engine was fucked. I had other things to worry about so didn't pay much attention to the car. Then somehow we were in the restaurant lobby and I’m making my stand against this guy but this time I have a chopper in my hand. This guy had about 10 knife-wielding supporters and out of nowhere a chef, who seemed to be on my side and a mentor of sorts, helped me by slicing my opponents’ shirts Zorro style. He ushered me into the kitchen where I retrieved my car keys.

The passion

Whoa you think I’m gonna tell you? No way! But come to think of it… I guess the other woman was that guys GF and somehow found out and it’s not anyone I know or have known. It involved a bedroom with more than a few fans, as in “kipas angin”. I don’t remember her face \unfortunately… Hahah so I leave it to your imagination…

The truth

I was in the back portion of the shop now, it was raining and the gang was all around. I carry a retractable metal stick in my car in real life so in the dream the first thing I did after opening the door was to grab it and stand my ground. The boss/owner of the restaurant calmly walked out to tell me I had not settled my bill to which I replied “under the current circumstance I am unable to pay you, please accept my apology” and got into my car, which was filled with junk, set it to reverse and slowly backed out of the lot. When I needed to go forward again it wouldn’t because the clutch pedal was stuck and I had to hook it up using my foot and repeat the process.

I called up my friend I had lent the car too earlier and she ‘fessed up to screwing it over unknowingly. I think in real life I would have been screaming at the top of my lungs because my car is my life but after what happened in the dream it seemed like such a small matter. I drove as far as possible and then stopped at a shop and went to the back. It was really dodgy and no one was allowed into the back lane because of god knows what. The van was scheduled to pick up passengers from the back to transfer us to wherever it was we were going.

The reality

2 seconds later I was awake with 2 mosquito bites, one on my arm another on my right cheek. FACE CHEEK ok. Damn itchy plus I’ve been coughing. Try to figure out what that all meant? At this stage I can barely give a damn.

Now I think I’ll go have a ciggie break. Sleep is tough work.

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