Cement truck

By UnkleBus
It feels as though I have not slept for the past 2 weeks (then again I haven’t slept much the past 2 weeks). My body against my will decided it was time to shut down and not function. It felt like a ton of bricks, with cement... and the cement lorry on top. I need to start exercising again, starting next week… yeah right

Next week Wed will be my last day at the office. Quite unbelievable that it’s been more than a year and a half. Then again time flies when you’re having fun, for the most part. I just wonder with the recent addition to our department, if he did/didn’t poop on his resume. I guess that’s the problem when everyone who interviews you for a post isn’t technically inclined. I have to get my hands on his CV for a look and I hear its 10 pages long. (I bet with double spacing though… haha)

Anyway that will be out of my hands soon enough. It’s time to do the other good people a favor and clean up the mess. It’s been going well, most of the existing projects are finished with a few loose ends to tie up and you can say I’m quite proud of that being the only one handling every goddamn system known to the staff here. After next week I’ll be free as a bird, sleep till 12 in the afternoon and have long strolls at the park... fuck, I think it’ll be boring as hell since everyone else is working.

Pity the fool who’ll be taking my place, I wish him the best of luck, and if my boss is smart he’ll want to hire 2 instead of just one. We’ll just see. Anyway Genting last weekend was exceptionally good. It was cold and I bet there were more than just a few hardened nipples around but absolutely no parking space. Driving up is a pleasure these days so I think I’ll go again this coming weekend.

Quite an improvement they’ve made over the past couple of years, they’ve widened the roads, upgraded the casino, and added some new rides in the theme park. But everything is still mighty expensive like a can of coke costing RM3.50. I think the threat of Singapore opening a casino has them worried but as always, competition is good.

We’ll I need to get back to work. More music album updates later, I’ve been listening to MOS Gatecrasher’s 3CD compilation and the best of Massive Attack: Collected.

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