Back to the zone

By UnkleBus
My brain feels a little numb from the sleep I've had. It’s a welcomed break but I think it takes too long for it to get warmed up again. Eons have passed since I last stayed up so late, also feeling the panic and I didn’t know how much I missed that feeling. But honestly I don’t feel as much “panic” as I think I should… its like how I feel about work recently. It’s as though deadlines don’t matter to me anymore. I figure it has to do with me passion.

But so far ok lah (yes the “lah” was on purpose)

I still feel that heavy feeling on my chest and my head going “oh shit oh shit panic panic, do assignment” but here I sit, writing a blog entry. I like to think of it as brain warming. I remember when I was in high school I used to take this drug “Hydergine”. It’s an over the counter drug, not illegal in any sense and is used primarily to relieve migraines. What made me take it then was that I had heard it was a so-called “Smart drug”. Something that people used to take to increase mental capacity.

How it worked was by dilating the capillaries in your brain allowing more blood flow and all the good stuff that your brain needs. Just like a car, once you modify the air flow intake and exhaust system you get more power to the engine. Though thinking back to my SPM days I’m not sure if it worked. I only had 1 strip of I think 12 pills so its effects could not be quantifiable, well in any case the results may never be. It could have just been the placebo effect. What’s interesting of my recent recollection using Hydergine is that it has got my curiousity piqued.

I may or may not try this, since smoking does constrict up to 7% of blood flow to the brain accordring to the linked article. If it's something that will help me increase my brain capacity with relatively low risk, then i say to you... why not?

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