What the fuck!?!

By UnkleBus
Do you know what he did? He called in my colleague and asked her to prepare her resignation letter too. When I found out about it I was (and still am) furious. In his defence he said it was all a joke but joke or not, coming from an IT manager is not something to be taken lightly. What I then did was reprint all my resignation letters, 1 to him, another to my F&A director and the last to the HR director stating my NEW last day.

19 July 2006

Why the fuck should I give him any face? I gave him almost 2 months notice initially to find a replacement and was ridiculously diplomatic with him and all the other managers. Why should my decision to quit this company to pursue my studies jeopardizes my colleague's career here? She, mind you, is married and has a newborn baby.

I went to see my F&A director and told him the entire story and that how I find that he (IT Manager) is a lackey and is incompetent to run the department. I then repeated the same story to the HR manager since the director wasn’t in. I also explained all the other shit that he brought with him. Can you imagine an IT Manager asking his staff to help him create a shared folder on the file server? He has all the permissions he needs. How fucking degrading is that?

I say to you Mr. IT Manager. Don’t fuck with me. Don’t put me in a position to take sides because I will take my friends side and defend her till the end. Joke or not. Your incompetent days are numbered Mr. IT Manager. The T-Rex is right behind you.

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