The bomb

By UnkleBus
It’s done

I’ve handed in my letter to my boss. Now I’m waiting for both my finance and HR directors to come out of a meeting to hand it to them. It felt funny having that little chat with my boss just now… about him asking all those things that have gone wrong with the department. I told him on a professional level and didn’t bring it down to personal level.

I do hope that he’ll be able to implement some of my suggestions for the company. There’s just too much paper floating around and it doesn’t help that the users are so negative towards change. There’s a lot that can be improved here, which is one of the reasons I’m leaving, is not seeing some sort of mid/long term plan being formulated. Anyway what I’m selfishly doing this in my best interest.

Now the real shit will start once the news filters out to the bosses. They’ll be pushing me harder to finish up all the work before I leave and adding to that I need to plan a proper handover to either the boss or the next person taking my place.

And guess what, the date today is 20062006, how’s that for coincidence? *grin*

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