Let me see..

By UnkleBus
I went to Cineleisure to watch DaVinci Code today.

The bad
  1. It was raining.
  2. It was confusing getting to the cinema
  3. Regular popcorn and a regular drink cost me 6 bucks
  4. Cinema seats were cramped. Only slightly bigger than that of TGV 1Utama and they shook every time someone moved.
  5. Seriously tiring listening to Audrey Tautous' monotonous dialog and almost emotionless facial expression
  6. Tom Hanks is Forest Gump. Not necessarily good for this movie

The good
  1. Good service at the ticket counter
  2. Clean
  3. Sir Ian McKellen & Jean Reno were excellent as expected. Playing both roles with impressive presence
  4. Silas!
  5. 2 hours 30 minutes passed by relatively quickly
  6. Not overly draggy; the pace is equally constant throughout.

I’m on the fence here. I went there without high expectations and left without feeling any impact. The movie wasn’t so much of a disappointment but it didn’t strike that decisive blow. As for Cineleisure, which probably still needs a little more time getting its act together as most of the shops are still closed and the staff are new. I wonder if all the seating arrangements are the same. Luckily the ticket cost me 6 bucks.