Firefox Extension Review: Foxmarks

By UnkleBus
One problem which I've been having working since almost forever was copying and sharing bookmarks. If you work from your home, office or anywhere else with firefox this extension will remove that little pain from your side by merging your different bookmarks into a single list. When you first install foxmarks and restart firefox it creates an account with a master list of bookmarks. Subsequently each time you install foxmarks on another firefox browser it will ask if you have an existing account to merge with.

Pretty nifty tool if you do use bookmarks and work from different locations. As a plus you can log in from another browser and retrieve your bookmarks online. It's one extension I came across by chance having seen it being "featured". But I like it best because it works silently. No reported problems so far. Maybe later they'll add a tags and public bookmark lists for sharing. Anyway here's the direct link.