By UnkleBus
Oh god it’s only Monday
And already I feel like a drink
Or perhaps even a lay?
If only it’ll get rid of this stink

Perhaps is the gloomy weather
Or maybe the endless rain
Where is that beautiful glitter?
Ah shit! It’s all down the drain

I stayed up last night can you imagine
Doing my assignment and watching the tele
I’d never thought I’d get a migrane
From drinking too much coffee

France played a lousy game you know why?
They could have done much better
If only the bookie had not offered so high
Korea would be in the gutter

After work I have to be in college
And, I dunno… maybe rummage
Works of others to plagiarize
Or in other words to scrutinize

After that though I have to tanii
Yam seng, kampai or whatever
As long as it has alcohol in it
I’ll be a happy camper

So come my friends if you’re feeling down
Join me for some silly banter
Wash away that Monday frown
And go to sleep feeling better!

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